Opiate Addiction Treatment

  • Assessment of opiate related issues
  • Advice on harm minimisation
  • Titration (starting) onto methadone/subutex/suboxone
  • Stabilisation onto methadone/subutex/suboxone
  • Maintenance prescribing of methadone/subutex/suboxone
  • Reduction/Detoxification from methadone/subutex/suboxone
  • Naltrexone prescription to prevent relapses
  • Counselling


We will comprehensively look through your medical, psychiatric, social and substance misuse treatment needs before jointly deciding on a plan of care. It is possible to start a prescription after the first review. We are not limited to prescribing methadone or subutex or suboxone and can look at other prescribing options like Dihydrocodeine. We cannot prescribe Heroin or Diamorphine

£150 for an initial consultation
£70 for follow up appointments